You appreciate the details, but don’t necessarily know how to put your finger on precisely what it is you want for your wedding.   The endless inspiration you see on Instagram and Pinterest is just causing more confusion, and you want your wedding to not only be beautiful but as unique as you & your fiance’s story! (As it should be!)

You want to enjoy the planning & design process, as much as the wedding itself and are looking for someone to help take over the details so you can enjoy not only your engagement but also this extra time getting to spend with family & friends in the process.

You may have just gotten engaged, but you are quickly realizing you don’t have as much time to dedicate to your wedding as you had initially hoped.  And are finding that you are quickly getting overwhelmed.

You want to not only be confident in the decisions you are making throughout the process, since your wedding is not just another day! And want to feel happy, understood, and stressfree from beginning to end.

Well, you're in the right place!

Hey ya’ll!

   We are Shannon Rose Events a wedding planning & design company located in Dallas Fort Worth that services brides throughout Texas. 

   With over 7 years of experience, and a boutique planning style that allows us to take on a select number of events a year.   We create a fun, personal, and stress-free atmosphere where couples and their families can let go and let us take on details that are weighing them down and let’s just say it…. PARTY!

The Life Story

Hi! I am Shannon Rose Ducker, and you are probably wondering how did this company come to be and who is Shannon?

I was born and raised in Red Oak, TX, and yes I am a small town girl, but with a big personality.

I actually graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Texas Tech University, and even worked in architecture and interior design for over 3 years after graduation; however, it never felt like the right fit.

After graduation, my mom passed away from breast cancer, and this truly was the most life-changing event of my life. It was an eye opener that life is fleeting and precious, and moments are more important than I think anyone can imagine. As a result, I decided to try something I have always thought I would love to be a part of and never had the guts to try. And in 2010 I started working on weddings and have never looked back. I love the fact that I get to create these special moments for my clients, that they will always remember!


Well now that you know us, we would LOVE the opportunity to get to know you!

All you need to do is fill out the contact form by clicking the button below.

We will then schedule a consultation at our office to learn more about your vision and what you are looking for out of a planner.

We can’t WAIT to meet you!-Shannon