The Nest at Ruth Farms Wedding | Southern Soiree

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This wedding I am about to share had one of the most unique setups of this year. The couple and their family were not only genuine but were so trusting in my abilities as their planner and designer that it made my job so easy. And as a result, I was quickly able to build off of their style and personality as soon as we started!

When I first met Noelle & Ray, they described their overall vision for their wedding, and I have to say I was OBSESSED from day one! I loved that they wanted it to be unique when it came to guest experience but also wanted it to feel timeless and classic. When we began the planning process, Noelle described her love of driftwood, crate & barrel, and neutral aesthetics. It was this description, that helped me create a design concept that was unique to her and her vision!

We decided on a “Southern Soiree” concept, that would create the unique atmosphere the couple was striving for. This concept, helped encourage guests to mingle throughout the event, while the overall design aesthetic and neutral palatte gave the event an elevated and classic touch we wanted.

We decided on a “Southern Soiree” concept that created the unique atmosphere the couple was striving for. This concept helped me create a reception that felt more like an extended cocktail hour or get together rather than a typical reception. By using food stations and passed horderves, instead of a buffet, and mixing cocktail and round tables throughout the reception, guests were encouraged to mingle throughout the night. This helped create a more laid back atmosphere, while the overall design aesthetic and neutral palette gave the event the elevated and classic touch we wanted.

The Nest at Ruth Farms Wedding - Ceremony

As I got to know the couple & their family, I found that faith played a significant role in both the couple’s relationship and personal life. So I wanted to make sure this was apparent in the ceremony. As a result, the altar, at the Nest at Ruth Farms, was adorned with a large wooden cross at the center and a semi-circle floral design at its base. One of the words Noelle used to describe her ideal wedding was organic. This inspired me to incorporate classic organic florals in the ceremony, that not only would beautifully accent the cross, but look as if they were somehow growing from the base of it.

One of my favorite aspects of the couple’s wedding at the Nest at Ruth Farms was the band, the Foto Sisters, that played during both the ceremony and reception. They are a gospel band made up of three sisters that not only sing but play classical instruments. Not only were they extremely talented, but they created a classic and unique atmosphere for guests from beginning of the night to end.

The Nest at Ruth Farms Wedding - Reception

I wanted the floor plan to feel as unique as the couple’s vision, but still very timeless and classic. And as I began the design, I decided that incorporating lounge seating was a must with the type of event we were creating, and I wanted it to be a focal point throughout the night. I felt it would not only set the tone for the evening but also create a special place for guests to sit and talk near the dance floor. Guest tables surrounded the lounge seating, in the center of the room. Each table was adorned with champagne linens, a mixture of tall and low floral centerpieces, lush organic cream and peach florals, and candles as well as tall cocktail tables which helped break up space.

As guests began to filter into the Nest at Ruth Farms, they were instantly greeted with a wide array of food from Tastefully Yours. One food item of which, was explicitly special to the bride and groom since they shared empanadas on their first date! As the night went on, guests enjoyed a classic wedding cake. And were given a CD from the Foto Sisters, which the couple wanted to share as a memento to help remember the night, as well as beautiful chocolate from Kate Weiser (that are honestly works of art in themselves!)

When it was time for the night to end, guests threw petals, as the bride and groom went into their getaway vehicle. You honestly can’t get any more perfect thank that 😉!!

Photographer : Kate Pease Photography

Venue: The Nest at Ruth Farms

Wedding Planner: Shannon Rose Events


Florist: R Love Floral

Hair & Makeup: Tease to Please

Band: The Foto Sisters

Catering: Tastefully Yours

Rentals: May I Serve U & Bella Acento

Cake: Sweet Somethings by Ashleigh