As many of you may know about 7 weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Wyatt Lee Ducker! (That him below, just look at that outfit!) He is honestly the cutest thing on the planet or at least I think so 😉


   He was actually born 4 weeks early, which was defiantly not part of my well thought out plan lol.  I have always been one of those people that have felt like I am typically over prepared, but this was defiantly not one of those moments!  The day before I was going crazy trying to get everything together (the diaper bags, car seat installed, hospital bag, finishing up the last-minute touches to the nursery, doing our 4 loads of laundry, and I had 3 meetings that day to top it off).  By the end of the day I was spent and I think I may have overdone it (just a little!) because the next morning I started to feel contractions!  And yes my thoughts were, “O CRAP! This better not be contractions because not everthing is done!! Ahhhhh”. And to top it off our freezer went out, but that is another story!     

    Unfortunately, once we got to the hospital it was not as easy as one two three o there we have it a baby! We actually had to go back and forth to the hospital three times between Monday and Tuesday and on Tuesday (after a long 45 minute drive BACK to the hospital WITH contractions) the doctor said “This baby is coming whether we want him to or not”.  And I am not gonna lie I have never been more relieved to hear the words “Yes you can have your drugs” in my life.  (I mean I think 30 hours of labor is more than enough)

    Unfortunately, we weren’t able to leave the hospital for about 6 days because he was a premie, but I will say I have never been so excited to get out of a building.  Now don’t get me wrong, the nurses and doctors were awesome, but I was so ready to start our lives as a family of three.  The next few days, out of the hospital ,were a blur between sleepless nights, breastfeeding, diaper changes, actually having to cook at the house, and just getting to know our little one, I was spent.  But once I was able to go back to work, I defiantly had what some call “mom brain” (it is a real thing trust me!), and I am so grateful for my amazing and understanding clients that I get the opportunity to work with.  They truly made going back to work easy and fun!   Now I can’t wait to show everyone his newborn pictures because I have had so many requests! Get ready for cuteness overload!!